'You let others share in a better life as well!'

Dear reader,

Leev is different! I have started Leev because I have a passion for tasteful and healthy food, but I also thought food should be different: tastier, and more honest. Nature contains so much richness of its own that often only needs an appropriate package. In cooperation with a small number of organic manufacturers I have devised and developed a range of delicious and special products. All together with better organic grains, more fibers and less sugar. Our mission? A sustainable product available for everyone!

To work that way we do our utmost to succeed! Our Leev products are affordable, packaging is simple and convenient. We don't work with any additives, flavors and chemicals. Nature is pure!

Leev products are genuinely delicious, good for yourself and good for the other! To invest in people and nature I have founded the Leev foundation. The foundation is a base to share our profits with love to people who are less well-off in our country.

I think that a real life is more than just doing well. I think it’s to be explored into 9 tangible features of life: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control.

It’s my dream Leev inspires you to take care of yourself as well as others

Leo Voorwinden -
Founder of Leev


In balance

Leev Organic, of course!

It's so logical. Organic products are pure and therefore more tasteful.The full taste of nature is pure. All good things mankind need can be found in the pureness of nature. Chemicals, fertilizers and E-numbers don’t improve them. Let nature (re)live by keeping out dyes and flavors. All Leev products are pure of taste and of course 100% organic.

Full of nature

It can be different: more honest and delicious.

Back to the harmony of nature and human, less to yourself think more about the other. Leev is born of passion and works actively to make the Netherlands a bit better and more conscious. Our products are so composed that they have more nutritional value. Get inspired!


For each other

Human beings and nature find each other. It's profit to be shared, the Leev foundation. Affordable and accessible. For you too!

Due to an organic, responsible way of producing nature gives and lives. By consuming Leev products you better care for the earth and for people too. It can make a difference to a farmer or gardener in the neighborhood. Contributing to a green and healthy environment. Life sharing with each other. We from Leev, want to actively contribute to this by sharing our company profits with the less fortunate.